Health Sector Management at Duke MBA (Health Care Club)

One of the most attractive aspects of the Duke Fuqua MBA for me was to be surrounded by other students who were passionate about health care. The 90-plus students in the Health Sector Management (HSM) program at Duke definitely helps create a very immersive environment. Student leadership for health care opportunities shines in the activities run by the Duke MBA Health Care Club.

The Health Care Club (HCC) is the main student-led organization for rounding out health care-related career development, networking and educational opportunities for student members. Participating in club events is a great way to engage with and meet other students (especially 2nd years) and helps 1st years chart out their careers in the health care industry. I had the opportunity to serve club members as one of its Health Care Conference Cabinet Members and greatly enjoyed the experience.

Event highlights:

HEAL sessions
I still can't quite figure out what HEAL stands for, but it is a wonderful event where 2nd years organize seminars and introduce the various health care career tracks. Past events included provider, consulting, pharma/biotech, medical device, payer, health IT, and off-campus recruiting. It's great to hear from 2nd years about their recruiting and summer internship experiences in these different MBA functions. While I was interested in pharma/biotech, I still attended the other HEAL sessions and found them to be very informative and helpful to recruiting and understanding how MBAs can impact the industry. 2nd years share their recruiting and summer internship experiences in a structured format.

Annual Duke MBA Health Care Conference
The Health Care Conference is the flagship event of the club. This year, we've invited Jeff Henderson, CFO of Cardinal Health, and Jorge Bartolome, SVP at GSK as keynote speakers. Visit the 2013 conference website here. I've covered this in a separate blog post that I wrote for the official Duke Fuqua MBA blog on the 2013 Health Care Conference here.

Duke MBA Health Care Conference
The 2013 Duke MBA Health Care Conference team. Photo credit to Aramide Gbadamosi

Career Symposium
A half-day event that brought in alumni a few years out of the MBA to discuss their career experiences and offer advice to current MBA students. Alumni from various industries, such as pharma/biotech, consulting, medical device, health IT were separated into different panels throughout the afternoon. It was a great opportunity to hear about the career trajectories of our alumni and offered networking to learn more about the companies as well.

HCC Townhalls
HCC leadership works with HSM Faculty Director Prof. David Ridley to host industry leaders to come to Fuqua and engage in lively discussions on the latest trends in the health care field. Thus far, we've had discussions on managed care and the changing health insurance marketplace. The event is quite casual and is structured like a conversation.

Alumni Mentorship
The alumni mentorship program pairs students with Fuqua HSM alums who are 8-10 years post-MBA. Students are matched to mentors based on the future career goals of the student. Our mentors are all in senior positions within our industries of interest, and offer a long-term perspective of what a career can be like post-MBA. It's a great way to get feedback on our assumptions and helps us more accurately define our goals during the program and plan our careers.

Company events
The club helps host various company events throughout the school year. These can be case discussions with companies, coffee chats, or a visit to companies that are located in the Research Triangle Park. These events are great opportunities to network with companies and learn more about their corporate culture.

Parties and Happy Hours
The HCC organizes various happy hours, parties and networking sessions throughout the year for club members to socialize and get to know each other better. Because of core classes HSM students are separated into sections. These events are a great way for everyone to get back together and catch up on things. It also offers an opportunity for 1st years to connect with 2nd years, who are taking different classes and are on different schedules.

Week in Cities
Covered in this post of the series.

This is part of a blog series on health care opportunities outside of the classes and seminars. I wrote this series because a reader asked, so please leave your questions and comments on the blog!

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