MBA Internship Leadership Learnings

I had an amazing MBA summer internship at Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS). I rarely call out companies in my blog posts, but BMS really stands out in terms of its focus on leadership development of its people and its highly collaborative and open culture. People who are independent thinkers and team players, and people who take ownership over their career development will find success at BMS.

Combined with my first year at Duke Fuqua, the internship experience really accelerated my leadership development as it exposed me to a lot of senior leaders. It allowed me to observe them perform and also gave me the opportunity to reflect. Here's the collection of blog posts I've published so far focusing on the leadership learnings I've acquired during my MBA internship at BMS:

MBA Internship Leadership Learnings:

Leadership: the Key Ingredient to Success

What the MBA Doesn't Teach: How to Become a Leader

Gaining Exposure to Senior Leaders: Night Jobs

Get Promoted: First Build Trust With Your Boss

Leadership Development: Finding Time to Reflect

Leading Effective Meetings for MBAs

Non-Traditional MBA Skills, A Hidden Asset

MBA Internship Final Presentation Tips

Thank you to everyone who have written thoughtful comments to these posts on LinkedIn. I sincerely appreciate the feedback and it has given me the motivation to continue to write these things.

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