Advice to First Year MBAs

It's amazing how different it feels going from being a first year MBA student to a second year one. Having gone through the first year recruiting process, core courses, and the summer internship, "battle-hardened" second years are there to help. This drastic shift in roles really a underscores the efficiency of 2-year MBA programs: within two years, students can grow tremendously in both knowledge and skills.

Anyway, at the start of my second year I began writing a series called "Advice to First Years". My goal was to provide some general insights on my learnings as a first year, especially those that came from mistakes. My hope is that these posts can help future first year MBA students everywhere, as well as prospective students who want to get another perspective on what the MBA is all about.

The Advice to First Year MBA Series:

Engage During Recruiting Events

How to Not Get Overwhelmed

Focus on Leadership Development

Get Good at Presenting and Communicating

Get Functional Experience

Take Lots of Risks to Expose Your Weaknesses

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