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Duke MBA Frequently Asked Questions

A recent Duke MBA graduate's perspective

About half of the readers on my blog are prospective students who are applying to the Duke MBA. In the 2 years that I've been at Fuqua so far, I've gotten a lot of questions on GMAT Club, via e-mail, and on this blog.

Now that I'm graduating and have completed the Duke MBA, I thought it'd be helpful for readers who are applying to directly answer some questions about my Fuqua experiences. These questions were mostly sourced from GMATClub and also from questions received throughout the past year. My goal with the blog is to make useful resources as relevant as possible, in an easy to find format.

As always, feel free to ask any general Duke MBA questions on this page as a comment. I'll respond in 24 hours, and will include them in the page if I feel most people will benefit. Hope this format works!

Duke MBA Insights (FAQs)

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