A random list of awesome Duke MBA HSM events so far - Part 2

This is the 2nd post in a 2-part series about random events at Duke and Fuqua Health Sector Management (HSM) that I thought was amazing. These are events that I did not think I would be able to experience when I first applied to Fuqua, yet turned out to be very memorable. You can read part 1 of the series here.

4. VC/PE in China seminar

Mr. Jin Haitao is chairman of the Shenzhen Capital Group and was on campus sometime during the fall. I had always been interested in the venture capital (VC) industry, but did not know much about the industry in China. Shenzhen Capital Group was a leading VC firm in China so I planned to attend. Due to a time conflict with another club activity, I only made the Q&A portion of the talk. Regardless, it was very informative as students who were familiar with the industry asked very targeted questions and Mr. Jin gave very candid and thorough responses.

I remember walking to my car that night and thinking about how fulfilling the MBA experience was. In between classes, projects, and club activities, we were surrounded by amazing business leaders and heard first-hand about their perspective.

5. Clinical Science Day at Duke Medical Center

The strong medical research at Duke was one aspect that attracted me to Fuqua. That's why I was looking forward to attending some medical school events when I was at Fuqua. I had saw a flier on the Clinical Science Day when I was trekking around the Medical Center one Friday afternoon, and registered to attend. The event was scheduled during the Fall 1 finals (It was after Economics and Statistics, but before Accounting), so it was great to take an afternoon off and get back to the thinking about science for a change!

The event took place in the medical school auditorium. Researchers presented either an overview of their work or their latest data. I remember that one enthusiastic researcher presented data that was only generated the prior week. Being immersed in the science again reminded me that while I was functionally transitioning into business with my MBA, I still needed to make an impact in biomedical innovation in order for my career to be meaningful. I was taken back to the forefront of medical research and it was great to hear from the latest developments in oncology, bioengineering, and health delivery, etc.

6. Jonathan Bush (Distinguished Speakers Series)

The Distinguished Speakers Series, hosted by Fuqua's Deans Office, is not a random event. However, since each event occurs at different times each year, I thought it made sense to be included in this post. Jonathan Bush is CEO of athenahealth, a cloud-based practice management and electronic health records (EHRs) company. While I had learned about EHRs from bootcamp and the Duke MBA Health Sector Management (HSM) seminar series (a required course for HSM students in the first year), it was great to get an understanding about the current issues facing providers and EHR companies.

Watch the entire talk here. (Youtube)

Read part 1 of the series here.

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