Blog post on the NCI/Avon Foundation Breast Cancer Startup Challenge Published!

A couple of days ago I submitted my team's introductory blog post to the competition organizers over at the Breast Cancer Startup Challenge. It's since been published, and talks about the members of my team and why we are participating in the challenge.

Read the blog post here.
In addition, you can find my introduction on what the start challenge is in this post.

For the next week we'll be focused on the competition deliverables as recruiting winds down for us Duke Fuqua MBA students. The final deliverable will consist of a business plan that contains details of our business and R&D strategy and a live pitch that we'll be doing over Skype to the competition judges.

It's been close to six months since my team has started on this project and we've learned so much. We've really got a great team of students and advisors through the Duke MBA Health Sector Management (HSM) and Program 4 Entrepreneurs (P4E) programs. It's been a wonderful experential opportunity for all of us and we're thankful for the support we've gotten from the Fuqua HSM faculty and alumni, Duke Medicine professors, and local Research Triangle Park biopharma professionals. 

Wish us luck!

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