Duke MBA Fall 2 Courses

Fall 2 is the second 6-week term for the Duke MBA. 1st year students continue to take core courses and this is also when recruiting really heats up for the consulting and finance folks. Many student clubs also have their annual conferences this term. We learned from orientation back in the summer that Fall 2 is ranked the most stressful term in the entire Duke MBA experience by most students.

We continue to take management communication as we did in Fall 1. The core courses most students take are strategy, marketing, and finance. Health Sector Management (HSM) students continue to take the seminar series as we did in Fall 1.

You can read about Fall 1 courses in my previous blog post here.


One of the first things I did after getting out of the first strategy class was to go to the library and find the recommended textbook for the class. I had never learned the topics discussed in class before and I knew that they were central to my business education. Through reading and the class discussions I really formalized many strategic concepts that were only previously business intuition. I highly recommend reading the textbook we used in class - you can read my book review on it here.


Marketing was a very interactive class and we learned all about the strategies and tactics that companies use. I noticed that after taking the course I am now very sensitive to the advertisements I see every day and can't help but analyze the strategy behind them. The course uses cases that cover every day consumer products to teach marketing strategy, so that the focus is on marketing as everyone can relate to the products. This is important because Fuqua students come from all industries and geographies. Even though I am interested in biotech and pharma marketing, I still found the general concepts very helpful.


Like accounting, finance was quite new to me. Through reading about investment instruments such as stocks and bonds I did know a bit before school, but it was great to have a comprehensive overview. It was useful to learn how managers can use finance tools to make decisions on investments, and was even helpful from a personal finance perspective.

Management Communication

A continuation from the course in Fall 1.

Health Sector Management Seminar

Duke MBA HSM students take this course on Wednesdays, just as we did in Fall 1.

You can read about Fall 1 courses in my previous blog post here.

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