Quick 2016 Update

Hey everyone! Hope that you had a great start to 2016. To kick things off for the year, I thought I'd share this quick update. The end of 2015 was a big transitional time for me as I started full time at Bristol-Myers Squibb and switching gears from being a student. Adjusting my lifestyle and mindset took up a lot more time than I had liked though I'm happy to announce that I'm now ready to get back into blogging.

My blogging goal for 2016 and beyond is to write more about my professional developmental journey in Corporate America. There will be more book reviews as I now need to rely on books (rather than professors) to continue learning. The heavy focus will be on my experiences transitioning from my MBA to my first few roles after school.

Again, traffic to this blog has continued its steady increase over the past few months. Thank you - my readers - for your support over the years with comments, emails, and shares over social media.

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