Duke MBA Coursework & Classroom Experience

Here you can find a list of all the posts I've published around the classroom experience in the Duke MBA. In addition, you'll find a term-by-term list of all the classes I've taken. These posts are a great read for both health care and non-health care folks.

First Year MBA courses at Fuqua (2013-2014)

In the first year, the majority of courses students take are core courses. If you've already taken these courses, there is an exemption process that many of my classmates have used. The first year is the time to build strong fundamentals and basic business skills. Each term lasts 6 weeks so they come and go very quickly.

Summer 2013:

Health Sector Management Bootcamp (I wrote about it here)

Global Institutes and Environments (I wrote about it here)

Leadership, Ethics, and Organizations (I wrote about it here)

Fall 1 2013: (I wrote about it here)

Leadership Communication

Fall 2 2013: (I wrote about it here)

Leadership Communication

Spring 1:2014 (I wrote about it here)

Health Care Markets

Spring 2: 2014 (Part 1 here, Part 2 here)

Decision Models
Marketing Strategy
Product Management

Second Year MBA courses at Fuqua (2014-2015)

Duke MBA 2nd Year Electives (I wrote about it here)

The Classroom Experience

Duke MBA First Year Summary

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